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The Shadow

School children, Young person, Grown-up|Oval Hall

A story of a man and his extraordinary shadow

A learned man from the cold north moves south for the winter, to a country where the sun shines so high in the sky that shadows grow short. One evening he wants his shadow to peek into a house that he himself had no access to. And so he suddenly loses his shadow. The shadow starts to live a life of his own and gradually turns into a person. Which might be all right.  But what if the shadow has his own ideas about being a person and wants to control much more than his former master?  Somewhere here lies the answer to the question – why is a human a human...

The shadow play based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen has two versions: the Russian-language show is presented by Evgeny Moiseenko and the Estonian-language show by Leino Rei.



Leino Rei or Jevgeni Moissejenko