Weepie's Whispers | NUKU

Weepie's Whispers

30 min|Oval Hall

NUKU theatre / ESTONIA

A Sadness Weepie and a Happiness Weepie live in a fairy tale land. Sadness Weepie was born in the middle of beautiful clouds, playing with cloud animals. Happiness Weepie came to this world at a flowery meadow where gentle animals and bugs greeted it with joy. Weepie's daily compagnions were magic tears that helped to overcome all the worries and turned the world brilliantly bright in the moments of happiness. Together the Weepies learnt the first language of a human child - crying. With a cry one can express happiness, sadness, joy and worries. 

The production is recommended for babies and toddlers aged 10 months up to 2 year's old, accompanied with at least one parent.

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