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In the Other Room

3 h|School children, Young person, Grown-up|Oval Hall

Real-life stories about how those closest to us hurt us the most​

The documentary production “In the Other Room” tells stories about how the people you love the most in this world are also the ones that hurt you the most. Those stories begin with your mother beating you with a belt to punish you for a bad mark, and end with you lying on the floor of your own home, unconscious from suffocation. And they may not even end there.

The authors have interviewed both victims of domestic violence as well as abusers, trying to understand how the attitudes and fears adopted in childhood shape our relationships. How, if at all, is it possible to break the patterns that we keep repeating, hurting ourselves as well as others? Does that which takes place in the other room concern only those who are there, or all of us?

The production is aimed at young viewers and adults. Act 1 is played in two different halls – one for those under 18 years of age, the other for older viewers. Both groups come together for act 2.


Getter Meresmaa, Laura Nõlvak, Steffi Pähn, Doris Tislar, Lee Trei, Tiina Tõnis, Anti Kobin, Sander Roosimägi, Risto Vaidla