Fly, Little Caterpillar | NUKU

Fly, Little Caterpillar

u 30 min|Young children, Pre-schooler|Oval Hall

Who hatches from the egg? Who crawls around and eats? Who flies above the forest?

The puppet production Fly, Little Caterpillar tells a story straight from nature: of how from a tiny egg laid on a leaf hatches a perky, hungry caterpillar; of whom the caterpillar meets when exploring the forest that is its home; and of how it turns into a butterfly.

The production invites us to notice the life that is at first invisible to the eye, encouraging both younger and older viewers to pause more in nature, to listen and to see.

Author of the idea and director Katri Pekri:

I am interested to see if even a little part of the nature that is so vast, endless and powerful can be brought into theatre, brought to life. And I am fascinated by conversations with children. Talking about the way they experience the world and what they think of it. I want to tell them a story in a way that is just as honest and immediate as it is in nature, but partly still brought into a fantasy world, because nature can at times feel too direct or even harsh. Maybe this story will inspire someone to spend more time outdoors, to examine, to explore. To really see. 




Getter Meresmaa, Jevgeni Moissejenko, Karl Sakrits