Young person, Grown-up|Ferdinand Hall

“Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve.”  
Erich Fromm 

“Through the years, the focus of my work has been on human being and life in its absurdity and paradoxicality, its possibility and impossibility. This time as well – what else could it be than life and people, social phenomena and processes?  But it is always about the perspective – what is our point of view, the set of our associations in a wider sense? As long as we know that we know nothing, everything is still possible.”   
Renate Keerd  

Renate Keerd has created her unique theatrical language that combines the prosaic with the magic, pointing at the same time in a sensitive artist’s language on social sore points. Keerd’s work has been praised for sharpness as well as ingenuity, pointed symbolism as well as playfulness, a metaphysical as well as poetic umwelt. All in all, her productions can be characterised as symbiotic and ambivalent. Renate Keerd has received numerous theatre awards and her productions have been performed in 15 countries in Europe, Scandinavia as well as Asia. 


Getter Meresmaa, Steffi Pähn, Anti Kobin, Risto Vaidla, Joosep Uus